All About Welcome Bags

What they are, why you should have them at your wedding and our favorite ideas for what to put in them!

Welcome bags are one of my favorite things to make and I’ve seen them a lot at weddings I’ve attended. I think they are such an extra special touch to help make your guests feel welcome.

What’s a welcome bag?
A welcome bag is a gift bag filled with treats that is usually given to guests upon their arrival to the hotel. You can give them to the front desk of the hotel along with a list of who should receive them, and they’ll take care of handing them out to your guests when they check in. I’ve also been to a wedding where they handed bags out at the end of the wedding as everyone was leaving!

Why should I get them for my wedding?
Welcome bags are a way to say a little thank you to your guests before the wedding even starts. As a bride or groom, it’s a small way to show your appreciation to your guests who have traveled from out of town to celebrate your wedding. As a guest, it’s really nice to check in to your hotel room and be given with a bag of goodies, especially if you’ve just arrived from a long flight or car ride! Who doesn’t love snacks??

What do I put in them?

Whatever you want! Welcome bags usually have a few snacks in them and maybe a map of the area or an itinerary for the weekend. These are great to include if you are having multiple wedding events, like a large rehearsal dinner or happy hour, and afterparty or a day-after brunch in different locations. Some couples choose to put local goodies in their welcome bags; if you’re a Marylander, OId Bay is the perfect choice! Throw a crab mallet in, too, if you’re feeling extra!

Here’s some other ideas:

Can my welcome bags be personalized for my wedding?

Yes! My most popular welcome bags are white with gold writing, which are perfect for any time of year, and any wedding theme. Kraft bags with white writing are popular for rustic weddings. Black and gold bags are perfect for an elegant event (or a New Year’s Eve wedding)! We can do pretty much any color combination if you want them customized to your wedding colors, and I can also customize the bags with custom text - like “Welcome to Key West”, “Welcome to Katie & Tom’s Wedding”, etc., to truly make it your own. Have something else in mind? Let me know -  if I can’t do it, I can point you in the right direction!

They’re not just for weddings!
While weddings are probably the most popular occasion for welcome bags, you could use them for other events, too! Think showers, corporate events, a gala - any event where you want to give guests a little treat to make them feel welcome.

Have you ever gotten a welcome bag at a wedding? Thanks for reading!

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